• How do I store client matter IDs?
    1. Open the Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Edge, Firefox, Adobe Acrobat® , or Adobe Reader® program as you normally would. 2.  Select Options () from a PatentOptimizer menu, toolbar, or right-click menu. The PatentOptimizer  Options dialog box opens. 3. Click the Manage Client Matter IDs tab. The Manage Client Matter IDs tab of the Options dialog box opens (as shown below). 4. Click Add. A new emp...
  • How do I track billable activity by client?
    Before You Begin: Before tracking billable activity, you must store IDs for your clients.As an aid in determining client billing charges, the PatentOptimizer service provides a tracking mechanism for certain analysis and report activities performed by the service on a given day. In tracking billable activity, the PatentOptimizer service interfaces with the PowerInvoice service, from which you c...
  • How do I deactivate the LexisNexis®PatentOptimizer™ Service?
    Note: You must have an active Internet connection to perform this task.Your license for the LexisNexis® PatentOptimizer™ service allows you to use the software on one computer. You can, however, deactivate the service on one computer when you want to use it on another computer. 1. Open the Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Edge, Firefox, Adobe Acrobat®, or Adobe Reader® program as you normally would....
  • How do I submit feedback?
    1. On the PatentOptimizer™ toolbar, click the Feedback button (). The PatentOptimizer™ Feedback dialog box opens (as shown below). 2. Enter your Email Address. 3. Select Request Contact if you want a LexisNexis representative to contact you. 4. Select a Product Feature from the drop-down list.       Tip: If you are unsure of the product feature, choose Other. 5. Enter your Comment/Request. 6. ...

User Guide

  • How do I access service features?
    You can access the PatentOptimizer features in several ways, specifically using the toolbar, using the Tools> PatentOptimizer menu, or using the right-click menu. To access service features using the toolbar, click the applicable button. Tip: The PatentOptimizer toolbar is available in Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Edge, Firefox, Adobe Acrobat®, and Adobe Reader®, although a few buttons are only ...
  • How do I activate the LexisNexis®PatentOptimizer™ Service?
      You must activate the PatentOptimizer™ service before using the service for the first time or subsequent to service deactivation. You must have an active Internet connection to activate the service. Open the Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Edge, Firefox, Adobe Acrobat® , or Adobe Reader® program as you normally would. The applicable program opens, displaying the PatentOptimizer in the upper port...
  • How do I assess language consistency in a patent document?
    Select Check Claims () from a LexisNexis® PatentOptimizer™ menu, toolbar, or right-click menu. Click either the Terms or Phrases tab. The tab displays a table listing either the terms or phrases found in the description and claims sections of your patent document. 
  • How do I check Title and Abstract length?
    Select Check Terms () from a LexisNexis® PatentOptimizer™ menu, toolbar, or right-click menu. Click the Text Format tab. The tab displays the character and word counts for the title and abstract sections, beside which are listed the maximum allowable counts as determined by the USPTO, and below which is shown the actual text of the currently selected analyzed section (i.e., abstract or title),...
  • How do I compare multiple patent documents?
    1. Open the first document that you want to compare.2. Click the Compare Docs toolbar button (), then click OK. 3. Open the next document that you want to compare.4. Click the Compare Docs toolbar button (). The Compare Docs dialog is displayed, indicating which other documents are designated for comparison.5. Proceed as applicable based on the desired course of action:  To compare the documen...
  • How do I correct part-labeling inconsistencies?
    Important: This task can only be performed in a Microsoft® Word document.  Select Check Parts () from a LexisNexis® PatentOptimizer™ menu, toolbar, or right-click menu. In the Check Parts dialog box, click Edit to open the Edit Parts dialog box. In the list of part labels, select one or more labels for which you want to post corrections. Indicate the desired changes, using the following as a g...
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Product Updates

  • PatentOptimizer Word Add-in Version 6.8.6 (January 2024)
        New Features Added ability for customers to download Private documents from the USPTO Patent Center web site Improvements Check References tool is now displaying WIPO documents from 2020 in these areas: Foreign References section Analytics section's IDs generated form and Analytics Profile Office Action Response Prior Art tab. Allow Check Claims wizard to processes claims with strike...
  • PatentOptimizer Word Add-in Version 6.8.5 (October 2023)
        Improvements Allow Check Parts and Check Claims link navigation in documents with auto-numbering. Allow Check Parts processing to retain document focus with an open Microsoft Word drawings file.
  • PatentOptimizer Word Add-in Version 6.8.4 (September 2023)
      New Features Added ability to export element list from Check Parts Added support to Check Parts to process nonbreaking spaces and nonbreaking hyphens inserted between a part number and its part name Added support for Check Parts document navigation when clicking on a part number with a prime symbol   Improvements Allow Check Claims processing for claims with Track Changes on Allow Check Cl...
  • PatentOptimizer Word Add-in Version 6.8.3 (June 2023)
        New Features Added support for Adobe Acrobat/Reader 64-bit Improvements Processing formulas with no text Part labels in canvases associating to figures properly for drawings in PowerPoint format
  • PatentOptimizer Word Add-in Version 6.8.2 (December 2022)
        Improvements Corrected issue with "First Kind Only" checkbox Updated Caselaw dictionaries Processing of "US-PG-Pub" citations
  • PatentOptimizer Word Add-in Version 6.8.1 (September 2022)
        New Features Updated Install Guide, User Guide, and Quick Reference PDF files   Improvements Fix for 32-bit Word right clicking on the document and choosing "PatentOptimizer -> Mark Claim Number"
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