• PatentOptimizer Word Add-in Version 6.8.6 (January 2024)
        New Features Added ability for customers to download Private documents from the USPTO Patent Center web site Improvements Check References tool is now displaying WIPO documents from 2020 in these areas: Foreign References section Analytics section's IDs generated form and Analytics Profile Office Action Response Prior Art tab. Allow Check Claims wizard to processes claims with strike...
  • PatentOptimizer Word Add-in Version 6.8.5 (October 2023)
        Improvements Allow Check Parts and Check Claims link navigation in documents with auto-numbering. Allow Check Parts processing to retain document focus with an open Microsoft Word drawings file.
  • PatentOptimizer Word Add-in Version 6.8.4 (September 2023)
      New Features Added ability to export element list from Check Parts Added support to Check Parts to process nonbreaking spaces and nonbreaking hyphens inserted between a part number and its part name Added support for Check Parts document navigation when clicking on a part number with a prime symbol   Improvements Allow Check Claims processing for claims with Track Changes on Allow Check Cl...
  • PatentOptimizer Word Add-in Version 6.8.3 (June 2023)
        New Features Added support for Adobe Acrobat/Reader 64-bit Improvements Processing formulas with no text Part labels in canvases associating to figures properly for drawings in PowerPoint format
  • PatentOptimizer Word Add-in Version 6.8.2 (December 2022)
        Improvements Corrected issue with "First Kind Only" checkbox Updated Caselaw dictionaries Processing of "US-PG-Pub" citations
  • PatentOptimizer Word Add-in Version 6.8.1 (September 2022)
        New Features Updated Install Guide, User Guide, and Quick Reference PDF files   Improvements Fix for 32-bit Word right clicking on the document and choosing "PatentOptimizer -> Mark Claim Number"
  • PatentOptimizer Word Add-in Version 6.8.0 (August 2022)
        New Features Office Action Response Tool now uses Patent Center for public patent data Improvements Installing into non-empty directories
  • PatentOptimizer Online (May 2022)
      New Features Summary Report updated to remove Ei Compendex data Improvements IDS form to process patent numbers without patent authority codes
  • PatentOptimizer Word Add-in Version 6.7.2 (March 2022)
      Improvements Processing of text in unclosed double brackets
  • PatentOptimizer Online (March 2022)
      New Features IDS Form updated to use latest USPTO form Improvements Synching of Report Stepper Saving of Citation Report input settings during user's session
  • PatentOptimizer Online (February 2022)
      New Features Added ability to ignore comments enclosed in double brackets Improvements Option for Summary Report to display Support in Disclosure for Claim Chart section Term Analysis report where history data from PatentAdvisor was not available Fix issue where website was unresponsive after user token timeout
  • PatentOptimizer Online (January 2022)
      New Features Revised table pagination IDS Form - improved algorithm for including English names for inventors/assignees
  • PatentOptimizer Word Add-in Version 6.7.1 (November 2021)
      New Features Added Claims Wizard capability to process special characters at the beginning and ending of text Updated Summary Report setting label to "Ignore Common Terms" Improvements Fixed Summary Report issue with missing numbers Fixed Analytics Search issue with processing 'From' and 'To' dates
  • PatentOptimizer Online (November 2021)
      New Features Changed web pages to use standard LexisNexis IP product colors, fonts, controls and error message style Added Client/Matter ID page   Improvements Fixed title page issue on Summary Report and Term Analysis Report Fixed Term Analysis Report title page to display patent # and patent file name Fixed Report Stepper issue where Claim Chart steps never displayed as complete Fixed Re...